“Mulvaney has privately told associates that there is no easy way for Trump to fire him in the midst of the impeachment fight, the implication being that he knows too much...incriminating information about Democrats. via
Bolton camp asks court to reject Mulvaney joining lawsuit on impeachment testimony, putting on display the rift between the two over Ukraine.
Mulvaney, too, “told associates in recent days that there is no easy way for Mr. Trump to fire him … the implication being that he knows too much about the president’s pressure campaign” on Ukraine.
"In the emerging picture, the Trump White House is a toxic stew of personality disputes, policy differences, political rivalries, ethical debates and a fundamental rift over the president himself."
Bolton Rejects Legal Alliance With Mulvaney
The Trump team is debating how to handle a senate trial, with discussions taking place about whether to have an outside lawyer work with WH counsel or just counsel. Mulvaney had suggested Mark Paoletta, the OMB gen counsel who was Clarence Thomas's sherpa
The fighting between advisers - a stable of every White House, massively intensified and often denied during this one - blew into the open with the Bolton filing,the Mulvaney filing and the Haley book
>Feud Between Trump Advisers Underscores a White House Torn by Rivalries - The New York Times
Paoletta - who Ginni Thomas has also told conservatives she recommended to the president - was discussed but WH aides have decided they're content with Sayegh/Bondi as the quarterbacks, per person briefed
To be fair this is perfectly consistent with Bolton’s approach to cooperation more generally.
It really is like watching a reality TV show with a cast of narcissists - some dumb, some evil, many both - sharing the White House and competing to see who gets to stay and who gets fired. Too bad the real losers are the rest of us. Oh, and democracy.