This is called reporting. Why are you apologizing for it? Mind-boggling to read this editorial from student journalists who attend one of the top schools for journalism in the country.
Apologizing for the sin of committing journalism. This is chilling and a sign of more to come
The student newspaper at Northwestern, home to one of the most prestigious journalism schools in the country, has issued a groveling apology for...doing journalism, during & after Jeff Sessions’ speech on campus. As a proud alum, I’m embarrassed by this
This is the best satire of an obscenely woke college newspaper I’ve ever seen. Kudos Daily Northwestern! You all deserve jobs at the Onion.
There’s a lot to comment on in this Daily Northwestern editorial, but apologizing for contacting people to ask if they’re willing to be interviewed? Regretting that you photographed protesters protesting in public?
I don’t doubt the sincerity of these student journalists. But I worry that if journalists keep ceding ground on when it is acceptable to do basic reporting, we eventually play into the hands of powerful interests who would love to criminalize journalism.
As someone who did campus journalism as an undergrad and went to a graduate journalism school, it is very strange to see a student newspaper abjectly apologizing for things that bothered literally no one in the recent past and for decades and decades prior
Campus journalism 2019: we realize now that reporting facts is traumatizing and pledge to remake our paper into an instrument of harm prevention and safety
"Harm" and "trauma" are the talismanic words with which exponents of the successor ideology are euthanizing liberal values in the rising generation. All who served as apologists or useful idiots for these ideas are to blame.
In which Northwestern campus journalists apologize for calling up students and asking if they would be willing to be interviewed.
In appalling ignorance of the basics of news-gathering, a Northwestern student newspaper: -apologies for taking photos of students protesting Jeff Sessions -and for using the student directory to text students to ask if they wanted to be interviewed.
There's a lot wrong with this, but this graf just stunned me. Asking someone if they want to be interviewed is "an invasion of privacy"?
“We recognize that we contributed to the harm students experienced at the Sessions event, and we wanted to apologize for and address the mistakes that we made that night — along with how we plan to move forward.”
As foolish as this editorial vs journalism &truth finding is, its real error is calling a speech by former AG Jeff Sessions “a traumatizing event”. Where are the adults who are supposed to teach kids about life? If this is journalism, we’re in trouble.
What the fuck is this?
As a former NU Medill student, I’m sad to see The Daily apologize for doing the basics of reporting. You can debate how to cover certain events, but publishing photos of public protests and tracking down contact info is what you learn in Journalism 101.
The comments are reassuring. But the faculty must be mortified.
Daily Northwestern "could not be more sorry"....for publishing photographs of a Jeff Sessions protest on campus. Or something like that
To my fellow professionals trolling student journalists, save it. Did your college paper get it right every time? Ours didn’t. So close the app and make yourself available for friendly advice offline. Be an adult.
Sorry but this is really, really embarrassing to see from the newspaper of Northwestern(!), a university that last I checked still had a very good journalism school:
Look, I know that some of us toss words like "snowflake" and "coddled" around too much. But it's not like we're making it all up.
Come on college kids. Let’s do better. You are literally adults. Photos in public spaces and calls to your listed phone numbers are a normal part of life not grievous injury.
watch out for any of these kids showing up at your publication in a few years
This line of the Daily Northwestern apology is too good: "As a campus newspaper covering a student body that can be very easily and directly hurt by the University, we must operate differently than a professional publication in these circumstances."
This is reporting. You are apologizing for reporting. And the reasoning is just outrageous. The difficult and vital work of covering marginalized communities requires respect; there’s a significant line between that and infantilization.
This letter from the editors of the ⁦⁩, the Northwestern student newspaper, reads like a confession from one of Stalin’s show trials.
A truly pristine instance of what and call 'safetyism': "While our goal is to document history and spread information, nothing is more important than ensuring that our fellow students feel safe".
The most extraordinary sentences in the whole things are: "Some protesters found photos posted to reporters’ Twitter accounts retraumatizing....We feel that covering traumatic events requires a different response than many other stories." It was a speech!
Oh man things have definitely got much, much worse at Northwestern since I left in 2006. Sheeeeeesh.
So, the editorial staff is essentially apologizing for being journalists and apologizing for the news business. No journalist should have to apologize for doing their jobs.
I mean, read this whole thing. It's insane. New motto: All the boo-hoos that's fit to print.
I suspect the students running this “newspaper,” which I worked on, are flunking journalism 101. Apologizing for: photographing public protesters, retraumatizing PROTESTERS at Jeff Sessions talk; using student directory to reach people? ⁦
“Some protesters found photos posted to reporters’ Twitter accounts retraumatizing and invasive.” Student newspaper at prestigious university apologizes for doing journalism.
Students at a *public* *protest* of a visiting official (who I also think poorly of) feel “retraumatized” when the school paper publishes photos of their public protest? And the paper apologizes? via
"We did a journalism. We're sorry. It won't happen again."
Northwestern's student paper is apologizing for doing journalism, including using the school directory to text students for comment. They say they've "spoken with…our entire staff about the correct way to reach out to students." Presumably, carrier pigeon
This is insane...
“While our goal is to document history and spread information, nothing is more important than ensuring that our fellow students feel safe...”
"We will also work to balance the need for information and the potential harm our news coverage may cause.” We are late-stage republic.
Northwestern should shut down its journalism program. What a disgrace.
Not, amazingly enough, a parody. Addressing The Daily’s coverage of Sessions protests
"Some protesters found photos posted to reporters’ Twitter accounts retraumatizing and invasive." The first "trauma"? Jeff Sessions appearing on campus.
Western civilization had a decent run
Journalism cannot survive snowflakery -- especially a jackbooted snowflakery. It cannot.
Though this, however, is actually sad
If this is the future of journalism... (from the flagship journalism school in the country, no less)
A lot of people are talking about this. The thing that specifically gets me about it all is the idea that it's offensive to photograph or otherwise document protestors. Isn't being noticed the *point*? People want to join the mob but...IDEK. Crazy.
The Northwestern student paper is apologizing for, um, reporting. Apparently "traumatic events" like a speech by a conservative require special treatment that the paper failed to provide here. If this is the future, we are doomed.
on the other hand: lot of people mocked the Northwestern students who felt that texts from reporters were invasive. i was surprised too but maybe there's something i'm missing. if people feel there's a better way to be contacted, i'm genuinely all ears
Olympic-level cringe. This doesn't bode well for the future of the profession of journalism.