Premarital sex is ubiquitous, and yet a surprising % of college students think it is wrong. Highest among Asians, but also includes lots of blacks.
Striking: Asian college students (& black women) much *less* likely to be involved in Hookup Culture 👇🏽
Sexual Attitudes Among College Students: Similarities Between White, Black, Latinx, and Asian Students
16/Are Millennials still living the roommates-and-Tinder lifestyle because they want to? Seems unlikely. Seems more likely that they're living it because economically they have little other choice.
Is the college hookup scene a "white thing"? Find out how this is true and not true in our latest Contexts blog post.
"We use data from an online survey from over 20,000 American students at 21 colleges and universities to explore what, if any, differences in sexual behavior or attitudes about sex exist." Read more at via
Great data on whether race/ethnicity predicts sexual behaviors and attitudes in college. Sometimes yes, sometimes no, and behaviors more than attitudes.
So much for the idea that young people have given up traditional values!
Ever wonder if the % of college students who want kids varies by race or sex? No-about 90% of all groups. In our new Contexts blog post.
Among US college students, racial groups are very similar on attitudes toward marriage and children. However, group differences exist in attitudes toward sex (including the degree to which sex & love go together) and in sexual behavior (including hookups).
On all sorts of issues pertaining to sex and relationships, white college students are significantly more liberal than nonwhite ones This is part of the broader puzzle that, along w/the Great Awokening data, can help explain what's happening in journalism.
In our latest blog post we show that Asian college students are distinctive is in the high % who are virgins. Blacks, Whites, Latinos not too different by comparison.