Guy Profs: Don’t go after that promotion because ..... diversity. This doesn’t go far enough. Instead, I recommend self-immolation. You make a statement at the same time you open a new position. 2 birds - 1 match.
He’s not applying for a promotion & urges other men to do the same. “By examining my own biases every day,I am endeavouring to reconcile &resolve them, but I am a white male tenured scientist, &I believe that I have a greater responsibility than most. “
This from what was once was one of the two most highly esteemed scientific journals in all disciplines around the world
"If scientists want genuine, rapid change, we must implement actions to address this diversity crisis. One such action is for male academics to delay their senior promotion until bias in their department or at their institution has been reduced..."
The endless search for new ways to publicly debase yourself & ratchet up the wokeness leads this white guy to recommend that white men not apply for promotions. He whimpers: “By examining my biases every day..." Blah blah blah.
Classic example of Maoist-like self-criticism in the academy. Thus guy's not going up for promotion until "diversity" in the sciences improves, especially at the top. He never even considers that this lack of "diversity" is...
The fellow who wrote this seems to be under the conception that individuals are the same things as groups, and that if he denies himself an opportunity as an individual, it will advance a group rather than just another individual
Why I’m not applying for promotion: interesting idea to improve diversity
Respect to this guy. He's putting his money where his mouth is and not just virtue signaling.
Should male scientists stop accepting promotions and pay raises until women catch up? ⁦Phill Cassey ⁩ says yes in
A step in the right direction, but NOT good enough. If you're an able-bodied cis white man dean or professor, help dismantle systemic oppression by STEPPING DOWN. You're taking up a position that could go to a woman, gender minority, or person of color.
“Recent research has shown that, despite increasing recognition that ‘science is sexist’ and, in many institutions, suffers from an extreme gender imbalance, existing strategies to combat this bias fail most at the highest academic levels.”