Five results that might change the way you think about electability
Absolutely fascinating summary of his research on persuadable voters and the risks Democrats are facing in 2020
My takeaway from this fascinating piece: the 2020 election will be decided by Ikea moms.
"In census tracts where at least 45 percent have a college degree, Warren leads Trump by 15 points, compared with Biden’s 23-point lead."
"Sun Belt states have shifted mainly because white college-educated conservatives have defected from the president. Arizona’s views remain conservative: It is the only state in the poll that opposes an assault weapons ban..."
Blue alert: Warren "underperforms Biden among well-educated white voters by even more than she does among white working-class voters."
Warren does worse than Biden among well-educated whites in general election swing states, especially those worried about the influence of the Left & liberal policies, more than among less-educated whites.
"The party’s leading candidates have not yet reached the real missing piece of the Democratic coalition: less educated and often younger voters who are not conservative but who disagree with the party’s cultural left."
"Today’s activist left draws its intellectual energy from critiques of capitalism, patriarchy, white supremacy and structures of domination...Older or less educated voters, on the other hand, might have no idea what they’re talking about."