What happens when rights come into conflict with each other? TL;DR: it’s complicated, and different jurisdictions respond differently. In this piece for , I use the Israel Folau story to illustrate Australia’s approach:
His is an abiding faith in the Australian settlement; the belief that everyone gets a fair go.
The case of may reveal something about the Australian concern for fairness. reports:
"Across the developed world, social media and the imperatives of 'brand management' have led many employers to get into the business of directing their employees’ minds out-of-hours." on :
Australian labour law conflicts with informal norms now emerging via social media and woke cancel culture more widely, and attempts to get people sacked based on their views have created all sorts of comical (but radioactive) fallout.
From : What happens when a hero in Australian rugby speaks out about his faith?
This piece of mine on Israel Folau ran in last month, so in the wake of his litigation against Rugby Australia settling, here it is for background & context. I do make the point in the piece that litigation of this type usually settles.
Cardinal Pell's case won't come before the courts until March 2020, but this one's going to land before it, in February. High drama in a small country: me on , Australian rugby, and labour law for US magazine
The unfair dismissal legislation pioneered by Australian unions is there for everyone, too. Before he got a big fat settlement, I told the story of Israel Folau for , emphasising this point.