Biden was his vice president, Castro was his housing secretary and others have claims to Obama legacy. But the one potential candidate truly close to the former president is Deval Patrick, writes
NEW - ’s likely entrance into 2020 shows he thinks Biden is in trouble. ’s likely entrance shows some in the close Obama orbit think Biden is in trouble. But can a run at this point work?
Alumni of the Obama administration love Joe Biden. But some of them think Deval Patrick is better equipped to win the presidency.
Alumni of the 44th president’s administration are desperate to find the next Obama. Deval Patrick could be a better match than Joe Biden, but has he entered the race too late to have a chance? reports
NEWS - Deval Patrick is making calls saying indeed he is in. Read more about what this means for the Obama orbit and what kind of campaign is ahead here
It's all about Warren > Biden. "What’s the rationale for why Patrick is jumping in so late? It’s the same as Bloomberg’s: the growing fear that Biden will lose to Warren who will then lose to Donald Trump"
Is Deval Patrick or Joe Biden Obama's Natural Heir? - The Atlantic
Obama "has been talking with people...about Elizabeth Warren’s failure—despite the overall strength of her candidacy—to attract many nonwhite voters."