The toxic relationship between Britain and Russia has to be exposed | Oliver Bullough
"Downing Street has calculated that it is less embarrassing to suppress the intelligence and security committee’s report into Russian interference in the UK than it is to publish it." Election interference of the highest order.
Ever wondered how Russian oligarchs own so much elite property in London? They've done it by laundering spectacular amounts of illegal money through the City & its associated tax havens - with the help of our governing class.
"Thanks to an investigation by  and her colleagues at Buzzfeed News, we know perhaps a dozen other people were killed here too (Blake lays out the details in an excellent book, published later this month)."
"We cannot let the Russian elite corrupt our country as they have corrupted their own."
“a 50-page report full of revelations about rich Russians funding political parties and associating with politicians, as well as Russian bots meddling in the referendum, could have fed the media for days.”