About half of the unauthorized immigrant population in Europe came from Europe or Asia-Pacific
Four countries accounted for the majority of Europe’s unauthorized immigrant population in 2017: 🇩🇪Germany: 1m – 1.2m 🇬🇧UK: 800k – 1.2m 🇮🇹Italy: 500k – 700k 🇲🇫France: 300k – 400k More from 's new analysis
About half of the UK’s unauthorized immigrants were from Asian countries while one-in-five were from sub-Saharan African countries and about one-in-ten were from Middle East-North Africa countries.
How many unauthorized immigrants live in Europe? See our new estimate:
Today we published the first comprehensive estimate of Europe’s total unauthorized migrant population in more than a decade. See what our analysis found.
Pew's big number is 3.9-4.8m (as of 2017) & there are serious problems both with how this number is arrived at & how it will likely be used. Report