Great interview by w/my favorite documentarian, Errol Morris. Just because u don't like a bit of art doesn't mean the art/artist should be "cancelled." EM saved a man's life for pete's sake. Also note at min 48 a very brief convo about Juul.
"They wanted to deplatform not just Steve Bannon...they wanted to deplatform me." talks #cancelculture, American Dharma, Theranos, and why this is the greatest time to be a documentary filmmaker with . Podcast.
Here's a long, intense, and fun podcast I did with about his Steve Bannon doc American Dharma, #cancelculture, his famous run-in with Thomas Kuhn (!), and his great series Wormwood (about MKUltra).
I interviewed for about Steve Bannon, , #CancelCulture, and why it's the best possible time to be a documentary filmmaker. Read a short transcript here: and listen to long-form podcast at
M interview podcast w covers a lot of ground. Check it out below or wherever you get your podcasts.