This TERF rebrand isn't a good look for Hillary.
Trans issues are a “legitimate concern” to me as a woman because trans women are women and I am a woman and women’s concerns are relevant to me as a woman, cynical skepticisms about “women’s safety” are a red herring that always preface transmisogyny
*massive fucking resigned sigh*
she's running
OK BOOMER YOU CAN GO AWAY NOW AND STFU Hillary Clinton Says Trans Issues Pose ‘Legitimate Concern’ for Women
man really starting to think this hillary clinton lady is kind of a bitch
Hilary Clinton just attacked LGBTQIA+ people’s rights and has made being out more dangerous. Her words will be used to justify harm. You don’t get to be a selective ally. If you have a huge public platform, you need to think about consequences.
dear , I nominate for your lifetime achievement award, if you have one
what’s the concern? “Hillary Clinton Says Trans Issues Pose ‘Legitimate Concern’ for Women”