1. For the last 13 months BRETT KAVANAUGH has kept a low profile. That changes tonight, when Kavanaugh is honored as the keynote speaker at The Federalist Society's annual black tie dinner. And who is a "Gold Circle" sponsor of the event? FACEBOOK
If you are a Facebook employee who has thoughts or concerns about your company's sponsorship of Brett Kavanaugh's return to the public stage please contact me. You can reach me securely at [email protected] I will protect your identity
3. One thing that has changed since Kavanaugh's confirmation is that the evidence against Kavanaugh has gotten STRONGER. Specifically, there are now more corroborating evidence to support the claims of Deborah Ramirez, who wasn't even allowed to testify
2. Last year, many Facebook employees were angry when a top Facebook executive, Joel Kaplan, showed up to support Kavanaugh Facebook attempted to control the damage & Kaplan apologized Now, Facebook is sponsoring Kavanaugh's return to the public stage
UPDATE: Last Thursday, I reported that Facebook was a sponsor of Kavanaugh's keynote speech to the Federalist Society. Facebook told me it didn't see anything wrong with it. Many Facebook employees disagreed. And now Facebook is changing its tune.