Sorry Gen X, Gen Z Is Now Calling You The "Karen Generation"
first they came for the boomers and i said nothing...
Gen Z, y'all don't wait this heat. Don't confuse your Gen X parents with your Baby Boomer grandparents. We've literally been ignored for our entire existence, so if we seem like...
I'm broadly a fan of ruthless generational warfare, but I propose a limited long-term truce among millennials, Gen Z and boomers: lets battle to the death, but leave Gen X out of it. They've suffered too much already, and should be allowed to fade in peace
Congratulations, Gen X! Gen Z finally gave us a shitty meme too! We exist again!!
Someone got paid to aggregate & publish this
A quibble: Gen X should end at 1975 because Xennials/Oregon Trail grew up on a completely different environment and are nothing like Gen X.
Gen Z needs to tread very, very carefully here.
Tiny aside at the end: "The other sticky thing is that 'Karen' has a gender bias."
We're finally getting to the nub of the "OK boomer" thing, which was always Gen Z kids having disagreements with their Gen X parents and using "boomer" as the ultimate othering insult to lob at an Xer
Gen Z are calling Gen X Karens, and unfortunately it's got nothing to do with the Sonic Youth song
I mean, shouldn't we be "Generation Jen"?
OK Gen-VSCO Sit down with your Fjallravens & Hydroflasks. No borrowing our 90s scrunchies. sksksksk. And I oop, changed my Netflix PW so you can't watch FRIENDS. sksksksk. And I oop, didn't save any of your damn turtles! Love, Gen-X