"Throw under the bus" (or 's shorthand "underbus") is a handy expression of betrayal in the impeachment phase of the Trump era. I trace the origins of the phrase in my latest column. cc
please enjoy this brief meditation on the evolution of language as we watch the devolution of our republic
In this weekend's Review section: As the impeachment inquiry rolls on, there's lots of talk about people getting "thrown under the bus." It's an expression that has its origins in UK politics 40 years ago, before achieving cliché status in the States.
Wondering if Rudy Giuliani, Mick Mulvaney or any other Trump aides will get thrown "under the bus"? on where the peculiar phrase comes from. via
Following up on my column about "under the bus" (), used GDELT to analyze media use of the phrase and found a recent increase on CNN and MSNBC (but no movement on Fox News).