SIXTEEN SECONDS. No drill, no armed faculty, no security guard could have stopped what happened at Saugus High School. The best way to make our schools safer is to keep guns out of the hands of minors and dangerous people.
“she grabbed a gunshot wound kit that she keeps in her classroom” are the words that stopped me. These shootings have become way too normal. via ⁦
The students "were afraid, they were crying, but they also knew how to keep safe, she said. They knew to muffle their sobbing. They knew to keep their phones silent and dark." , , + others report on the California shooting
None of this should be part of a typical high school experience. But in the US, these skills are now essential.
“Don’t worry Mama. You know I’m too smart to die.” The texts kids send their mothers during school shootings are always stunning.
California School Shooting Is Another Nightmare Made Real via #guncontrol #gunviolence
Horrific: now tell us where that 16 year old shooter got that gun.