Wow. This is probably the best breakdown of the topic of "privatisation of the NHS" that I have ever read. Kudos to the Nuffield Trust for this, particularly to authors Helen Buckingham and brilliant Mark Dayan.
Everything you need to know about the NHS and privatisation in one helpful blog from ⁦⁩ and ⁦⁩ #LeadersDebate #GE2019 👇
Is privatisation of the NHS really on the rise? and tackle some of the biggest questions raised during the general election campaign:
How much does the NHS buy from the private sector? With privatisation and the NHS subject to heavy debate recently, and look at the facts around current levels of privatisation, how it has changed and the impact of a trade deal:
Privatisation in the English NHS: fact or fiction? (Frankly, it would be really helpful if anyone BEFORE commenting on the subject would just get themselves up to date with the facts, and this is a great place to start)
We've heard some🤔 things about #NHS privatisation in #GE2019. Some people say it isn't happening, others that a US trade deal will decide if it does. Some say it's 7%, others 26%. and I have tried to sort out the facts - with one handy graph