I went to Roundup, Montana, a small town that's become an unexpected hub for Amazon "prep centers," businesses that specialize in repackaging goods ordered from other stores and sending them to Amazon 
How Roundup, Montana became a major Amazon "prepping" center. At one level, it's about the modern digital economy. At another, it's classic economic geography 1/
Always interesting to see supply chains just constitute themselves given the combination of distribution, platforms, and incentives. Here: non-Amazon logistics businesses in out-of-the-way corners of the US, facilitating Amazon retail arbitrage.
Thousands of Amazon packages converge on a tiny Montana town, which by coincidence has become the package prep-town for Amazon marketplaces packages.
first I've heard of Amazon 'prep centers', which exist only because people are too lazy to compare prices.
"'If somebody actually thought about how many warehouses or how many people’s hands touch their product, it would creep them out.' But no one thinks about that…Amazon has designed the sleekest, most efficient consumer gratification interface ever devised"