I wrote about the truly deranged case of the best-selling novelists who believe they are being bullied by an English major in South Dakota.
You've really got to hand it to , it's rare that a writer gets to see their hottest take vindicated in such a high-profile and extreme fashion
Toxic femininity alert👇
Very cleareyed acount of this embarrassing dumpster fire by . Glad the tweets from professional writers calling this innocent kid a 'bitch' will now live in infamy. The college grad attacked by YA authors is totally overwhelmed by the backlash.
Sarah Dessen and other YA authors attacked a recent college grad so hard that they drove her off social media.
People use the word “unhinged” a lot. But the instance where a best-selling YA author lost her marbles and because a woman dared to criticize her work, and roped in Jodi Picoult (who’s sold 40 million books) to complain about it *is* thoroughly unhinged
To be a writer, one must consider one's thoughts, emotions, and internal world preeminently important, worth sacrificing everything to record, and worth having everyone read. In short, preening narcissism is an indispensable qualification.