What a time to be alive - With a general election underway, the widow of a KGB spy, murdered in London on the orders of President Putiin, through poisoning with polonium-210, is taking Boris Johnson to court over hiding a report into Russian interference!
Truth matters when it comes to meddling & murders by Russian State – Johnson is not ‘following procedures’ in blocking it, the report was cleared for publication by security services. Another lie that slides to corruption & despotism
Widow of Russian dissident #Litvinenko poisoned in London plans legal action to force #UK PM to release #Russia report, saying there’s “a profound public interest” in disclosing the extent of Russian interference in British politics before Dec 12 election
🚨 RUSSIAN REPORT KLAXON 🚨 Legal action under way in bid to force Johnson to #ReleaseTheRussiaReport... Marina Litvinenko - widow of the former KGB agent murdered in London - will try to get the report to the public. 😠✊ #Corruption #ToriesOut 🇬🇧🇪🇺
Russian meddling report – dissident's widow Marina Litvinenko tries to force British government to publish document. #ReleaseTheRussiaReport #WhatAreYouHiding #MakeItStop
Not all heroes wear capes
Marina Litvinenko is suing Johnson over the missing report of Russian interference into British #democracy She's trying to crowdfund the court action, we need to RT & donate if possible. #ReleaseTheRussianReport
Another legal challenge to #ReleaseTheRussiaReport, this time by Litvinenko's widow. Russian meddling report – dissident's widow goes to law
Nothing to hide Boris !? #ReleaseTheRussiaReport #BorisJohnsonShouldNotBePM #UnfitForOffice Russian meddling report – dissident's widow goes to law
Boris Johnson is supressing the report detailing Russian interference into UK elections and #Brexit referendum So Marina #Litvinenko, whose husband was assassinated by Russians on UK soil is going to court to force him to publish