I can't emphasize enough how powerful & important it is to get in circle, as we face the climate crisis. speaks to that beautifully here... How might we "find a way to move to a place not of tacit acceptance, but of fierce, roaring compassion"?
I didn't know how on Earth to deal with climate angst so I decided to find out
Climate grief is very real – but it can also drive urgent action!
"The key is to channel it, through everyday actions or joining wider movements, and also to figure out a way to face it without being controlled by it, because operating out of fear, anger and blame burns us out."Apocalypse Got You Down?
"how are we supposed to live in our hearts and souls with such an existential threat that is also, as birds and bees vanish and trees topple and die, so excruciatingly intimate?"
'Have you ever known someone who cited the Anthropocene in a dating profile?' > 🙋‍♂️('Looking for someone to not travel the world with')
Great advice from ⁦⁩: Live like the crisis is urgent. Embrace the pain, but don’t stop there. Seek out a spiritual path to forge gratitude, compassion and acceptance, because operating out of denial, anger or fear only hurts us in the end.
I really needed to read this. I have been feeling so down about the planet, with all the wondering of ‘what are we going to do about this crisis.’ (Thank you .) Apocalypse Got You Down? Maybe This Will Help
Apocalypse Got You Down? Maybe This Will Help
This struck a chord for me. I still want a carbon tax but meanwhile cutting air travel and giving up meat will help shift cultural norms and reduce my sense of panic.