It is election day in Louisiana. I spent a few days (on the clock) in what may be America’s most idiosyncratic state and wrote about the old divisions and new fault lines
JBE hits 59.6 pct in Jeff Parish in early vote. If that stays about where it is, it's a remarkable number for a Dem in the biggest NOLA suburb
Via more evidence of the transformation Trump is imposing on GOP: "Rs have brought the president to the state energize his voters, but all three visits have been far removed from New Orleans & Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s population hubs."
Masterful riff on the changing nature of Louisiana politics, on the eve of today’s big governor’s race
Why the Louisiana Governor’s Race Is So Close - The New York Times
This article, with Louisiana as a case study, re increasing rural/urban divide in US (with the demographically changing suburbs split) is much more politically useful than strategic/normative fights re aspirational leftist heath care plans.