Read the chilling leaked documents in which Chinese Communist party talks about eradicating thought viruses in Uyghurs and Kazakhs by interning them by the 100s of thousands in "concentration education" camps.
But perhaps the most telling document is a guide for officials to explain the camps to children of detainees. It is full of veiled threats, pseudomedical language of psychological infection and assurances the party will take care of you
We’ve published in full one of the documents that show how Chinese officials in Xinjiang planned to explain to Muslims and others affected by the crackdown that their parents or families were being detained in camps. Read it here
A fascinating aspect of the “Xinjiang Papers” which people haven't said much about yet is the pervasive use of biological metaphors (quick thread)
The Chinese government has a literal guide for how to explain to a child that their parent is in a concentration camp. This is nauseating. via
"Where are my family members?" The leaked Chinese state instructions for talking to children whose relatives have been put in internment camps are truly disturbing.
Particularly disturbing is a "talking points playbook" for CCP officials in Xinjiang on how to explain to Uyghur children why their parents have been detained.
This document on how to speak to children of detained Uighurs and other minorities is even creepier thanks to it being put in a common language textbook font and it using mostly simple words ("where's my family?"). It's like a dystopian classroom reading.
Om nu inte de bisarra hoten mot statsråd från Kinas ambassadör vore nog för att minska de diplomatiska förbindelserna, kanske det här kan räcka?