Presenting Starting simply and improving is better than than not starting at all. [ Alpha version - Pull requests welcomed! ]
New to Bitcoin? / Follow this guide / Any questions? Search & Ask: / Watch this series / Attend a meetup with a friend / #StackSats & #Hodl
If you don’t run your own node then all your transactions can be linked by whoever is running the node you are using. When it comes to running a node you have many options. Scroll to step 7 here: . Also is very useful.
Updated Step 1) Getting a Wallet (Download Green) Step 2) Buying Some Bitcoin ( / / ) in a quick but less private manner. + Step 12) Buying Bitcoin Privately ( / / )
Interesting discussion between & about what should and shouldn't be in a bitcoin guide. I created bitcoin intro to try and build an easy step by step guide which anyone can follow. No need to do it all at once
The same applies for Think you can do better? Fork it, change it, launch it.
Where to Spend: Speculate: & Or. Send them to to kick-start their learning towards appreciating Store-Of-Value
Cultural Marxist mobs cancel heretics by bullying employers and 3rd party financial services. #Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer money that doesn't rely on a 3rd parties. Work for yourself or start a side gig. Learn how to accept and use bitcoin. Start here