CAVED: Chick-fil-A to End Donations to Christian Charities such as Salvation Army after LGBT Attacks
The main things that make me sad about this is 1) The Christian orgs Chick-Fil-a donated to were genuinely good groups 2) This will not actually stop groups on the left from hating them b/c hating them is mostly about moral signalling
So glad the number 1 social issue result of the #TxLege session pointed to by #GOP members was to protect ’s commitment to family values... so that they could now capitulate to the LGBTQ+ lobby.
Once again, I reiterate: a world in which outrage mobs can hound people at their place of business because of their personal beliefs and practices WILL NOT WORK OUT WELL FOR THE GAYS
What’s the end game of this purity test? Declining donations of artwork to museums bc of donor’s politics? Scholarships for low-income kids? School grants?Hospital research grants? Ask Lawrence O’Donnell who funded the NY hospital where his life was saved
Did Chick-Fil-A bend the knee to the mob?
WtH? “will no longer donate to the ”?! 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 “Chick-fil-A to End Donations to Christian Charities after LGBT Backlash”
It's sad to see Chick-fil-A forced to bow to the mob. It's probably wise on their part, but still sad.