Everybody’s going to hate this take, but I don’t care. What Trump did was bad and ought to be rebuked. But as we’ve never removed a president yet, his fate should be determined at the ballot box in in 2020.
If Trump’s actions are self-evidently serious enough to warrant ending his presidency, then the DCCC shouldn’t need to conduct focus groups in key House battleground districts testing messages related to impeachment, as they have in recent weeks.
Decide Trump’s Fate at the Ballot Box
If Donald Trump’s presidency is going to end before 2025, it should end at the ballot box.
If you impeach Trump, he becomes a martyr in the eyes of his fans. They will choose to believe that he was unbeatable in 2020 and thus the “Establishment” cheated by impeaching him.
Also, if you really believe Trumpism is a malevolent menace beyond the man himself, you should want him defeated on Election Day 2020, not removed because 20 GOP senators have had it with him.
If you genuinely believe the US has taken a terrible turn for the worse since January 2017, then you want Trump defeated at the ballot box, soundly and thoroughly. Only then will the GOP conclude, “That doesn’t work, we need to try a different approach.”