These little engineers help reduce the risk of both flood and drought by managing our waterways. After successful reintroduction schemes showing their power in flood prevention, it's great to see new introductions across the country.
This is a trickle-down theory I can support. Good sense begins to prevail at last. #rewilding #NaturalFloodManagement
Some dam exciting news from this morning!
“The #beavers will be transferred from Scotland, where they have been successfully breeding since being reintroduced” Great to see have been granted licences to introduce beaver families on their land to ease flooding and boost biodiversity
Beavers To Be Released in Plan to Ease Flooding & Aid Biodiversity: ‘Nature’s engineers’ to be introduced on land in south of England. “Their a sustainable way to help make our landscape more resilient to climate change".
Beavers to be released in plan to ease flooding and aid biodiversity ‘Nature’s engineers’ to be introduced on National Trust land in south of England