BIG NEWS for #decentralized #identity!! Verifiable Credentials are officially now a Recommendation 🚀 😎👍 Huge shout outs to our W3C Working Group friends: (former !) & co-chair Dan Burnett of Read about it
One more step ahead! #VC / Verifiable Credentials are now a recommendation
Our colleague took part as a speaker in the #online #Workshop „Verifiable Credentials (VC) nach W3C“ He gave a #talk in German about " - Semantisches Management von Bildungszertifikaten" ➡️
The final topic that came up was Decentralized Identifiers - DIDs — and Verified Credentials, which just became a W3C recommendation #yyjfortheday
It's Decentralized Identifiers () + Verifiable Credentials () use case. You have all the entities who modify/transfer the good sign a growing christmas tree of DID-linked attestations that verifiably prove who did what, in what order.