I tried to give an impartial summary of the state of minimum wage research. Thanks to , , , and , among others, for chatting, and esp. to Arin for writing the evidence review that kicked this off!
In his recent article on minimum wage research (), provided a link to the most recent output from an ongoing project of mine with . The project involves "pre-committed analyses" of recent minimum wage changes. 1/11
The economic debate over the minimum wage, explained. New paper finds that in most of the high-quality studies, a few outliers aside, the number of jobs cost by minimum wage laws is negligible. They raise wages without much downside
Definitely this week's most important must-read: Dylan Matthews: Should the Minimum Wage Be Raised? The Economic Debate, Explained 'There’s still disagreement. But it looks like in many cases, pay rais...
The economic debate over the minimum wage, explained via
Don't miss 's excellent review of the state of the academic debate on minimum wages.
This is a nice summary of the debate over minimum wage policies and employment. Ironic thing is that it was inspired by a recent report from the UK, which didn’t have a minimum wage law until 1999.