Online Circular ecDNA promotes accessible chromatin and high oncogene expression
Circular ecDNA promotes accessible chromatin and high oncogene expression. ⁦⁦⁦⁩ Great collaboration with ⁦⁩ , Vineet Bafna, Bing Ren, Law, ⁦⁩ , ⁦⁩ and Hu Labs ⁦⁦
Check our latest paper here: Circular ecDNA promotes accessible chromatin and high oncogene expression We reveal the circular shape of extrachromosomal DNA in cancer, describe its transcription, chromatin landscape, and 3D interaction
Integration of ultrastructural imaging, long-range optical mapping and analysis of whole-genome sequencing to uncover how circular extra-chromosomal DNA affects oncogene function
Congrats to Paul Mischel and colleagues (eg. ) on their paper on extrachromosomal circular DNA in cancer . I am looking forward to discussing these projects in Berlin in January at the first international workshop on circular DNA!
We learned a lot more about extra-chromosomal DNA today that we have previously known. It's circular, like "SpaghettiOs," highly active (~3-5X—) w/ long-range interactions, link w/ #cancer by and colleagues by
How these mysterious DNA circles common in cancer cells boost aggressiveness and resistance to therapies Very interesting new paper elucidating the role on extrachromosomal DNA (ecDNA) in cancer by scientific founders
Brilliant #computational analysis of extra chromosomal #DNA, which 1) is circular 2) drives massive oncogene expression via high RNA expression 3) has folding features making its chromatin very accessible 4) can engage in distal/long range DNA interactions
Circular DNA and oncogene expression
These weird little DNA circles we have all been observing in the nucleus of many #cancer cells, turns out they may actually have an important role in those cells.
Oncogenes are commonly amplified on particles of extrachromosomal DNA (ecDNA), recent works shows that oncogenes encoded on ecDNA are among the most highly expressed genes in the transcriptome of the tumours.