Tired: listening to the Lib Dems scream "TACTICAL VOTING" in every constituency Wired: checking what tactical voting websites are saying for your constituency #GeneralElection2019
The Tory campaign has now switched to pure hate - against EU migrants who have a perfect right to use the services their taxes are paying for. For them, for decency and for the next generation, visit a tactical voting site now ...
Labour is offering a referendum with a Remain option. #LabourManifesto Lib Dems, unless they win a majority, will support a referendum with a Remain option. Vote for the candidate most likely to beat the Tories in YOUR constituency or Get Ready for Brexit.
ATTENTION VOTERS Last polling before election shows the difference btwn Johnson with a majority or Johnson constrained is down to circa 20 000 votes in just 15 constituencies. In 3 seconds you can check to see the best chance to stop Boris Johnson here
In 2017, the Tories won 40 seats by a margin of 5pts or less. In 33 of those 40 seats, all 5 main tactical voting websites are asking people to vote Labour in 2019. Labour is the tactical vote choice. Data via
1. Don't forget to vote today 2. If you haven't voted yet, here's a site that collects the recommendations of the various tactical voting sites #GE2109 #GeneralElection2019 #GeneralElection19
The Tory lead is halved in the latest YouGov MRP poll - so it is still possible to deny Johnson a majority! Tactical Voting is Vital - see and 😃 LibDem and Labour candidates Must step aside where they cannot win! #Election2020
This site compares tactical voting sites' reccomendations on keeping Tories out (they're 90% in agreement). So if you're concerned about ongoing underfunding of MH services and children having to wait 4-5 months for a CAMHS review, it might be useful.
I'm a Liberal because I believe in an open international society. But I just voted Labour in Canterbury for the first time in my life and via . Both great MPs Please use to #VoteTactically 1/
This is the site you are looking for 😀. Enter your postcode and it will compare the recommendations for the 5 credible tactical voting sites. They agree in about 90% of cases, so hopefully you will get a clear steer.
Compare tactical voting sites | | General Election 2019
With FPTP voting & tribal opposition parties who won’t cooperate, the only way of preventing a Conservative majority is tactical voting. tells you who to vote for & if you just can’t do it, swap your vote with someone who can at
I’ll be voting tactically on December 12. Personally I’d have preferred it if & had campaigned tactically & joined forces in key seats. When you’re staring down the barrel of a fourth successive defeat, it’s worth considering cooperation
Unsure about who to vote tactically for? This website lists all major tactical voting recommendations by constituency. Compare tactical voting sites | | General Election 2019 #ToriesOut
I'm off to cast my vote in a moment. Reminder, for anyone who doesn't want the constitution smashed up for the convenience of rich boys: for THIS ELECTION ONLY, put aside your loyalties, and vote for whoever might unseat the Tory. See for tactical votes.