Info on 1.2 Billion users exposed online. Includes personal info, and profiles. #databreach
So... someone discovered what we used to call... a phone book?
A jumbo data leak—complete with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles includes more than 50 million unique phone numbers and 622 million email addresses. From the perspective of an attacker, that's a lot of information to get you started.
This is important because it highlights: once you give personal data away, even to a trusted company, you really lose control. 1.2 Billion Records.
"[The researcher] thinks it's unlikely that People Data Labs was breached, since it would be simpler to just buy #data from the company. An attacker on a budget could also sign up for a free trial that PDL advertises" #ethics #privacy #databroker #cybersec
1.2 Billion Records Found Exposed Online in a Single Server, by Lily Hay Newman /