I take a look back at my "Hard Problems in Cryptocurrency" blogpost and presentation from 2014, and see what progress we've made.
Here's Vitalik's opinions about the state of technology around cryptocurrencies. As you might expect, I think much of this is wrong-headed, and will explain (thread)
A great update from on the state of cryptocurrency research
Hard Problems in Cryptocurrency: Five Years Later via thanks
Great post by on how much progress was made in the past 5 years on hard problems in math, CS & economics that are key to the cryptocurrency space - tldr: significant progress in all categories, though slower than hoped in some areas.
As you can imagine, the DAO hacker checkmating Ethereum, and the subsequent human intervention undermining nearly all aspects of Ethereum, is not mentioned at all.
Two really interesting pieces I read this morning: 1. 's "Hard Problems in Cryptocurrency: 5 Years Later" reads like a primer on the state-of-blockchain. Read: 2. VVC: 30%-50% bitrate reduction compared to the H265:
6/ Fully Homomorphic Encryption could allow for secure private computation and smart contracts. recently identified Homomorphic encryption as one of the hard problems in Cryptocurrency in 2019.
Hard Problems in Cryptocurrency: Five Years Later
in the Oops department, Vitalik had a hard look at the hard problems in crypto and …