Imo, the fact that the world’s two most populous countries have ostensibly become authoritarian ethnostates hellbent on ethnically cleansing their Muslim populations deserves more attention than it’s getting.
Arundhati Roy has written the most important essay on fascism I have read for quite some time. Hopefully the world will turn to the emergency happening in India.
This line cut very very deep: "And we are learning, too late, to cherish hypocrisy. Because with it comes a vestige, a pretense at least, of remembered decency."
"It is becoming more and more difficult to communicate the scale of the crisis even to ourselves." 10,000 words from Arundhati Roy in manage to do just that though. Read. Share.
"It is becoming more and more difficult to communicate the scale of the crisis...for the sake of credibility and good manners, we groom the creature that has sunk its teeth into us—we comb out its hair and wipe its dripping jaw to make it more personable"
Arundhati Roy on the rise of Modi and the Hindu far right.
By far the most eloquent, terrifying thing i have read all year
"The dismantling of the idea of liberty, fraternity, and equality will be—in fact already is—the first casualty of the climate crisis." A deep piece by #ArundhatiRoy, and troubling backdrop to the January Morrison-Modi visit. #auspol #ClimateEmergency
This is a terrifying read about the situation in India. The 20s do not look good pretty much anywhere...
"India ... has always functioned as an upper-caste Hindu state. But the conceit of secularism, hypocritical though it may be, is the only shard of coherence that makes India possible. That hypocrisy was the best thing we had."
I wrote this in the Introduction to ON INHUMANITY: "The impending threat of catastrophic climate change...and we are looking at a perfect storm for dehumanization and mass atrocity." Now I read this
I this wrote in the Introduction to ON INHUMANITY: "Less Than Human was my first attempt at setting out a comprehensive history and theory of dehumanization. Since writing it, my views about how dehumanization...