Mass. State Police got to use ’ Spot the robot dog for three months this year. That’s raising questions about what kind of policies there should be about how police can use robots.
Wow this fuckshit happened faster than I thought it would.
Mass. State Police are the first law enforcement agency in the country to get to use Spot. But Boston Dynamics is looking to lease the robot to others, so expect to see more police agencies adding Spot to their fleet.
It has actually happened. Massachusetts state police are the first to use Boston Dynamics's *ROBOTIC DOG* A ROBOTIC POLICING DOG. You customize it with the software you want. 1/
Spot the robot police dog ran on today. Check it out: and our story from last month:
OMG it's the dog from that Black Mirror episode
I love dogs. I love new technology. I should love robot dogs, right? & yet... watching these robots work is seriously off-putting. HT
Not alarming. (Full article on technology being tested by Mass. state police: )
It's funny that people are afraid of police robots. I understand being concerned about taking something that blindly obeys orders and giving it weapons, but it's not like making it mechanical instead of biological makes much difference.
"Our primary objective is to get each of our dystopian robot cop dogs home safely to their charging port at the end of the day. The rocket launchers will ensure the safety of our electronics."
Mass. State Police Tested Out Boston Dynamics’ Spot The Robot Dog. Civil Liberties Advocates Want To Know More