A UK trade minister held a meeting with a US drugs giant last year, where they discussed “future trade” deals post-Brexit. Please RT if you think everyone should be aware. #VoteNHS
We must protect our NHS from Donald Trump and American private healthcare companies.
⚠️ FOI request reveals brutal reality of Brexit for NHS ❌ Tories caught lying. Again. If you’re proud of the NHS and want to protect it, join me, join us, join our campaign and join the fight to protect the NHS. #StopBrexit #SaveNHS
The NHS is not safe in Conservative hands #GE2019
This story deserves more attention than the passing mention it is getting in the BBC paper review.
NHS 'for sale' bombshell as Tory trade minister holds talks with US drugs giant This is why the rancid Tories wanted #Brexit so they can privatise all our public services including our #NHS Cause of Brexit the Tories are craven to big US corporations
“The US pharmaceutical industry is lobbying hard to ensure a US-UK trade deal strengthens rules that keep prices high." This is what this election is about.