The irony is 's effort to defend liberalism against charge that it has destroyed the family ends up supplying plenty of empirical evidence--from history & our contemporary moment--for the conservative side of this argument. Let me count the ways
Hasn't happened yet, but political journalism in the US will have to rethink it's relationship to the Republican Party, as conspiracy thinking, attacks on the press, and, to use an academic term, making shit up become not what the GOP does, but what it is.
NYT, no less: Intact, married family is Gold Standard for kids. By contrast, kids from non-intact families: ⬆️Drop out of HS ⬇️Graduate from college ⬆️Girls out-of-wedlock births ⬆️Boys unemployed as y adults ⬆️Both stuck in low-paying work as y adults
very good edsall on the apocalyptic social conservative rhetoric that casts progressives as the enemy of families, children and all that is good
"A 2015 Pew study found that the probability of a first marriage lasting at least 20 years was 78% for a college-educated woman and 40% for a woman with a high school degree or less. In the 1980s, there was virtually no difference in the divorce rates"
from : “The reality is that Barr is not only selling traditional values to conservative voters, some genuinely starved for them, he is also marketing apocalyptic hogwash.”
This is a devastating rebuttal from to Bill Barr's (and the rest of the right's) assertion that liberalism is responsible for socio-cultural pathologies that are supposedly tearing America's families apart.
“Many, if not most, liberals are as deeply disturbed by familial dysfunction as conservatives,” writes . “But they are not ranting about it.”
This Edsall column pretends that Eberstadt, Deneen and others are making a partisan argument rather than historical and political ones. And his response is therefore preposterously small minded and off the mark.
Liberals Do Not Want to Destroy the Family
Conservatives have long perceived family & community decline & attributed it to rising liberal values & welfare (as part of a successful effort to unify the conservative movement, I would argue), but most evidence implicates relative economic standing
Excellent takedown of the social conservative persecution complex, and with receipts, as they say: "Liberals Do Not Want to Destroy the Family"
Liberals Do Not Want to Destroy the Family
2/ the strongest trends toward social decay....While there has been some willingness by liberals to come to terms with aspects of the conservative critique, the same cannot be said for the social issue right."
Liberals Do Not Want to Destroy the Family
That's crazy talk.
May we have the good sense to move beyond the divisiveness that Trump and his ilk use for their own benefit. It is clear that if we don’t do more to affect positive change our political reps will tear the US apart via ⁦