“People who are extremely conservative or people that are extremely liberal grandstand more, and grandstand pretty equally to each other. People that are more toward the middle grandstand less so.”
Nice interview with on moral grandstanding. I would also say that someone is likely moral grandstanding if you have a concern that a response will be easily misinterpreted or taken the wrong way.
FFS, now and are in Vox, and I have to denounce them.
the world sucks right now. but twitter is actually not that 'bad' because so much less moral grandstanding because a nontrivial risk of ppl you know (or you yourself) dying. moral grandstanding is a luxury good
When attention is the coin of the realm, my silence on publicly staked out position implies opposition, and so I feel the pressure to speak even if I don't feel that's the most effective path. Calling out folks for *not* speaking up is part of the problem
"In some senses, maybe it works: it alienates you from people who you don’t like, and draws you closer to people who you do like."
Moral grandstanding done for status or self-promotion is a very human thing: "everybody does it a little bit, but a few people do it a lot." Nor does either political side have a monopoly on its practice. Can we, and should we, find ways to do less of it?