"Everything in the man’s life and work points us to where he should be standing but when we look he is not there." Great piece on the moral catastrophe and symbolic disaster of support for Labour
This column by took my breath away. The truth of his analysis is hard to face. Which is why so many are finding ways to justify or look away.
This article refers to the Labor Party as "the anti-semites". It warns Labor voters "you will be remembered and counted among the plentiful persecutors of the Jewish people and the even more plentiful bystanders." Warm up for Trump 2020.
"The recent attempt to slander Rachel Riley as a racist for highlighting racism against Jews was no fluke; intersectionality only intersects with Jews on its own terms." What a great piece. Just read it all
Powerful stuff re: antisemitism and the upcoming UK election, from ⁦⁩. Personally, I never imagined that leftwing Brits would tolerate an antisemitic government, but now I fear anti-BREXIT derangement is so prevalent that they will.