“The American intelligence community reported after the hack was discovered that no votes were changed, but this was a convenient fiction. The DHS did no forensic analysis of...state election systems...” By ⁦
The Drums of Cyberwar: looks at the threat of cyberattacks and the vulnerability of our critical infrastructure, from wastewater treatment plants to banks and hospitals
"From 2011 to 2013 Iranian hackers breached the control system of a small dam outside of New York City. Around the same time, they also broke into the servers of banks and financial firms." by , two weeks ago for
A whole other thing to worry about: hackers sabotaging critical infrastructure. It's happening, as keeps telling us. My latest for .
All the critical infrastructure that undergirds much of our lives, from the water we drink to the electricity that keeps the lights on, is at risk of being held hostage or decimated by hackers working on their own or at the behest of an adversarial nation
Just in time for Black Friday, the New York Review of Books is out with a mega-review of SANDWORM: “Like the best true-crime writing, [Sandworm’s] narrative is both perversely entertaining and terrifying.” The perfect perversely entertaining holiday gift!