In my latest story, I explore how water infrastructure in California's Central Valley remains tainted by the legacy of Jim Crow. This story is about water, but it's also about the enduring legacy of racism. Please give it a read.
Another #EnvironmentalJustice issue: water in California's Central Valley. And note how anti-Black racism structured living conditions for today's Latino residents -- one more reason why Black-Brown organizing & unity are key for advancing social justice
(hi, I just retweeted some influential political figures who tweeted out my CA segregation + water story. As a reminder, retweets ≠ endorsements. But in this case I do endorse reading my article, which you can find below)
More great work from , tackling real issues in real places that don’t often get a lot of attention.
California’s third-world #water problem. Inexcusable. Solvable.
Nationwide, approximately two million Americans lack access to running water or indoor plumbing, according to a recent report. Race and poverty were key variables in predicting access to clean drinking water and sanitation. delivers a stunner.