John Kerry has formed a new bipartisan coalition, named World War Zero, to push for public action to combat climate change. Their goal is to hold more than 10 million “climate conversations” in the coming year with Americans across the political spectrum.
Former Secretary of State John Kerry has tapped stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Republicans like John Kasich to launch a new push for action on climate change. by
John Kerry is using his political capital to solve the climate crisis. Thank him
World War Zero will mobilize Americans across the political spectrum, proving that we can find common ground to take climate action. Thank you for your tireless dedication to defeating this crisis, Sec. .
We’re uniting unlikely allies with one common mission: ending the climate crisis the same way we mobilized to win World War II. Now we need you. Join the movement to achieve net zero carbon emissions. Together, we’ll win this war. #WorldWarZero
Katie Eder, founder of The Future Coalition, said,“While I may be disagreeing with some of the things that other folks involved in World War Zero believe, that doesn’t mean we can’t work together. Collaboration is our key to survival.”
The climate crisis is an international emergency—I’m glad to see my friend bringing together so many leaders to fight “World War Zero” with their collective power.
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"Some members of Mr. Kerry’s coalition hold positions that many in the environmental movement oppose, like **support for natural gas as a transition fuel from coal.**" Oh! THAT kind of GW alarm coalition!?
John Kerry Launches Star-Studded Climate Coalition
Launches tomorrow.
It’s a tragedy that came a few votes short of winning in 2004. It’s amazing what he’s done to make the world a better place since then. Here’s his new effort! Thank you !
A new coalition aims to hold 10 million 'climate conversations' in the next year. The group consists of "world leaders, military brass and Hollywood celebrities" who are pushing for #ClimateAction. #COP25
Big new effort on #climate change ⁦ reports⁩ via ⁦
Mr. Schwarzenegger called the Trump argument that China must do more to curb emissions before the United States acts "bogus." He said, “America never ever in its history has said, ‘Let some other country do something first.’ We should lead,” he said.
Town halls in which you 1) ask people to imagine their future in a nation (or uni) with fundamentally altered policies & priorities but 2) don't give them a concrete proposal to think about can backfire, raising anxiety and calcifying existing divisions.
John Kerry Launches Star-Studded Climate Coalition - The New York Times