NYT: “If you are a wavering Dem concerned about party unity/electability, about exciting diverse factions of your base...the breadth of coalition and his polling among non-voters and Obama-Trump voters are reasons to give him another look.”
Ross Douthat makes a better case for Bernie Sanders's candidacy than his own campaign
A conservative recommends the culturally moderate socialist as the way to win. Kinda hate to say it, but kinda persuasive.
A piece that never clearly addresses the difference between the White House and the bureaucracy. In a Sanders administration, there will be no real check on woke persecution of social conservatives - remember the nuns? - by line agencies and staff.
My Sunday column: The Case for Bernie
An interesting column from making a case for Bernie. I think he's right, in a sense, that Bernie talks about the economy so much that some in the economically liberal/socially conservative quadrant might be tempted to vote for him.
The Case for Bernie
"If you're a wavering Dem concerned w unity and electability, w exciting diverse factions of your base while competing for the disaffected, Bernie’s primary coalition and his decent polling w Obama-Trump voters are reasons to give him another look."
The Case for Bernie - The New York Times
Ross Douthat going full "hold my beer" on conservative advice for Dems.
I finally read this column. I agree Bernie's underrated re both nomination and general election. But I think to win he has to change on health care--say people can keep their insurance if they choose. Otherwise the attack ads are lethal.
The Case for Bernie: 'The state of the Democratic field reflects the weaknesses of the individual candidates, but it also reflects the heterogenous nature of the Democratic coalition '
Ross Douthat, the NY Times conservative columnist, makes the case for Bernie Sanders. So don't ever accuse the Times of not having an ideologically diverse staff or not having its fingers directly on the pulse of the conservative movement.