She had packed the pin away in 1973 as a relic of a battle fought and won: the image of a black coat hanger, slashed out by a red line. Then this spring, Sharon Wood did what she never imagined she would need to do again. She dug it out and pinned it on.
For the past 3 months, and I have been reporting on how the left is losing the abortion fight. We found a fragmented movement facing longstanding divisions — cultural, financial and political. Here's our story.
Good morning: The abortion lobby in America is losing and the New York Times is explaining why. Take joy in knowing that the culture of death is being pushed back. via
Independent clinics — unaffiliated with Planned Parenthood — perform about 60% of America’s abortion procedures, according to groups that track the data. Those clinics have essentially no lobbying or political power.
Abortion rights are at their weakest point since Roe became law in 1973. & I spent three month looking at why the left is losing. We found a movement deeply divided over messaging, strategy and financing.
The shift in the abortion wars has been attributed to the right’s well-executed game plan. Less attention has been paid to the left’s role in its loss of power: “We were screaming at the top of our lungs, everything is not fine” via
This piece in is titled correctly and as long as insists on fealty from candidates to ’s position of no abortion limits they will continue to lose in key states. .
Today, Amy Klobuchar: “There are pro-life Democrats and they are part of our party, and we need to build a bigger tent.” This appeal to moderates stands out as Democrats have largely made unqualified support for abortion a litmus test. Context
An exercise in obliviousness. "Safe, legal, and rare" was a position that attracted broad support. The current left disdains it. An exploration of why would have made this much better.
The Left: It’s bad how the right has taken over all branches of government Also the Left: And let’s not forget about their misinformation campaigns, let alone murdering abortion providers. NYT: WHY ARE ABORTION RIGHTS THREATENED? MUST BE THE DIVIDED LEFT
Miscalculations, and an unexpected victory by President Trump and ascendant cultural conservatives, have put abortion access at its most vulnerable point in many decades, and has put the left on...
Hmm, interesting. It seems we took things for granted during the Obama administration.
"The right is pouncing on this moment of tumult, threatening to wield abortion politics to its favor in the 2020 presidential race." In a 6-month period this year, states in the South and Midwest passed 58 abortion restrictions - #choice #WomensHealth
See #feminist movements, like supermajority ⁦@1ZenWoman⁩ move beyond a narrow focus of #SRHR by building an interracial alliance with activists working on women’s health more broadly including social justice and #gender equality. via
Excellent, eye-opening piece by and
Shakes head @ NYT: “The group says surveys it has conducted in swing states like Arizona and North Carolina show that portraying Democrats as supporters of infanticide — an allegation the left says is patently false — can win neutral voters to their side.”