I took a dive into the #YangMediaBlackout + with the help of some smart colleagues, Professors +   on if racial stereotypes #bambooceiling is at play in the odd omissions of a single candidate  via
This may explain why even left-leaning media seem to ignore or treat as invisible whose Presidential candidacy deserves the same coverage as the rest.
"Yang’s candidacy may tell our Asian American children that one day, they, too, can run for president. Or, it may tell them that even if you work hard and play by the rules, there’s only so far you can go. A candidate who can’t be seen can’t win."
Even if you are not a follower of , the coverage of his candidacy reveals enduring US stereotypes of Asian Americans. H/T Op-Ed: Andrew Yang seems invisible to the mainstream media — just like most Asian Americans
Interesting turn here, wherein a "woke" Asian writer who faulted Yang for his invocation of "model minority" stereotypes now sees him through the lens of his exclusion by the media and rallies to his defense.
#AndrewYang seems invisible to the mainstream media. A candidate who can’t be seen can’t win. AND media outlets have mixed up w/other #AsianAmericans including Jerry Yang at John Yang at Jeff Yang at TY !
Asian Americans may not all support Andrew Yang, but so many of us resonate with his invisibility. By