Well this is a clusterfuck. Lib Dems made legal threats over a news story and offer documentary evidence they had emailed a journalist. Unfortunately the 'reply' is dated 18 hours before journalist's question. Senior staffer suspended over alleged forgery.
Oh WOW. The Lib Dems tried to force ⁦⁩ to take down a story about the party selling voter data, claiming OD ignored their email commenting. But.... they forged the email. And have had to sack the person responsible.
“We’ve come to expect this behaviour from corrupt oligarchs and from bullying, vain businessmen. Perhaps I was naive, but I did not expect it from Jo Swinson’s Liberal Democrats.”< they are just another arm of the establishment
Along with fake newspapers and dodgy polling practices, this is another blow to the LibDems’ probity: Good that the offender has been suspended but there’s reputational damage to repair.
Looks like the LibDems learned a lot while in coalition with the Tories.