We won't stop saying this: the overwhelming majority of Jews everywhere view an attachment to Israel as a central part of their Jewish identity and demanding that they check that attachment at the door is nothing more than pure, unadulterated antisemitism.
A Jewish member of McGill’s student government is being threatened with impeachment for going on a Hillel-sponsored trip to Israel: This isn’t just antisemitism - it’s institutional antisemitism.
Completely insane story from a Canadian university: McGill University’s Student Union is trying to kick out a Jewish student for going on a trip to Israel
Even for a college campus, where left-wing #antisemitism is increasingly routine, this is revolting. “Higher” education is sinking lower and lower into naked Jew-hatred.
Meanwhile, at the university that in 2017 brought us, “punch a Zionist,” a Jewish student is being asked to resign over a Hillel trip to Israel, while “...a non-Jewish councillor also planning to be on the trip has not received the same treatment.”