Dexter Filkins’ story about Modi’s India performs a very simple service that way too much American journalism on Modi has refused to provide: Simply going over the record and examining the man’s words and actions.
What a privilege to be meticulously detailed and examined by none other than the sharp and exacting Dexter Filkins for New Yorker...this profile was exhaustive, difficult on body and soul, but it was urgent..The latest from the New Yorker
Dexter Filkins has written a comprehensive, extremely powerful account of Narendra Modi’s past, and what he is doing to India.
I cannot stop thinking about this quote in Dexter Filkins’s devastating piece on Modi
The entirety of this massive piece on India's descend into totalitarianism is stunning. But don't miss this part: "In the United States, newspaper columnists welcomed his emphasis on markets and efficiency." 1/x
I don't write about India at the Post for perhaps obvious reasons. But it always strikes me as odd how much more attention DC pays to the behaviors of people like Erdogan, Putin, even Orban than the leader of the world's biggest democracy
remarkable piece on India under Modi, with scene that should be familiar to anyone with decent knowledge of American’s history with racism.
For a variety of reasons, Modi has avoided the type of western media coverage generally granted to Bolsonaro, Orban and their ilk, despite the fact that only one of these men has presided over mass murder.
You should be alarmed about what's going on in India. Please read this article to understand why.
In which Dexter Filkins correctly identifies as the canary in the coal mine that is India today: Blood and Soil in Narendra Modi’s India
On the subject of oppressive leaders with blood on their hands who should be resoundingly criticized rather than praised in any way, check out this story about India’s Narendra Modi.
This profile of Modi is a chilling depiction—and warning—of the consequences of sectarian ultranationalism and its corrosive effect on democracy.
To be profiled by the New Yorker, the holy grail of journalism, has been humbling, encouraging and a shot in the arm in the testing times we live in. Thank you for all your love and support.
In Gujarat, Modi told police to allow “people to vent their frustration & not come in the way of the Hindu backlash.” He hoped “the Muslims be taught a lesson to ensure that such incidents do not recur.” Modi is inciting pogroms today like he did then
Please take the time this weekend to read this sad and terrifying New Yorker piece about what’s happening in the world’s largest democracy — India. It is going down a very dark path, and we are not far behind.
“Modi was a fascist in every sense,” Nandy said. “I don’t mean this as a term of abuse. It’s a diagnostic category.”
"Blood and Soil in Narendra Modi’s India: The Prime Minister’s Hindu-nationalist government has cast two hundred million Muslims as internal enemies." To see how Modi&the RSS have clinically destroyed India's secular Republic, read this story in New Yorker
It’s taken me a while to tweet this article out but it’s been weighing on my mind. This is a superb piece that spotlights the inimitable , and it also serves as an admirable summary of how we’ve gotten to the messed up situation we’re in today.
My reply to Dexter Filkins Hinduphobic article based on Rana Ayub’s inputs. Mr. Filkins, though your article is as bogus as Cummunist+Jehadis ideology, I’ll point out few absolute lies and Islamist propaganda you have used, based on Rana Ayub’s inputs:
The world is talking; not just #RahulBajaj and Kiran Mazumdar Shaw! “ Blood and Soil in Narendra Modi’s India “ | The New Yorker
For those wanting a thorough overview of #NarendraModi's politics & his long history of fomenting anti-Muslim hatred in #India, check out this long profile by featuring an interview with the brilliant . #Delhiviolence
I spent the last few months assisting Dexter Filkins with research and translation for his latest piece. He follows 's fearless pursuit of Modi and his aides and examines how the PM has become a hero of anti-Muslim bigots in India.
Dexter Filkins’ powerful portrait of Modi’s India is a must read, a cautionary tale about how liberalism can die
One deeply disturbing video after another is emerging from India - this looks back and explains what we are seeing. A vital read featuring ⁦
Anyone in doubt about the frighteningly illiberal direction Modi is taking India should read Dexter Filkins' searing piece - & learn about the fearless
Prime Minister Modi has been "recasting the story of India, from that of a secular democracy accommodating a uniquely diverse population to that of a Hindu nation that dominates its minorities, especially the country’s two hundred million Muslims."
Congratulations to for reporting #Modi’s rise and #NewIndia the way much of Indian media won’t. Great to see some of our best featured.
this piece on #India, #Modi, #Kashmir & the brave & brilliant is, indeed, what you ought to read today.
I did not want to read this but I knew I had to. I finally did. What more is there left to say? What, except to mourn for our subcontinent, our ancestral homeland, as it self-cannibalizes toward its own destruction? Is there a return?
This is such an excellent, in depth and terrifying account of all the abhorrent things Modi and the BJP are doing to India, from the normalisation of anti-Muslim violence, to the destruction of India's once robust, independent media
Well, this is an incredibly powerful long read. Particularly some of the stuff on the subjugation of female journalists.
Many people are rightly talking about this eyeopening Filkins piece. Everyone should read it. One nagging question I have is how he slipped into Srinagar without MHA knowing or stopping him. He would have been on the passenger manifest.
what's been going on with this is just insane. if I understand correctly, the citizenship law is similar to the one that Myanmar put in place to keep the Rohingya from being citizens. Modi is terrifying in so many ways
reading this ...made me question my faith in humanity .. the last few paragraphs of this big article in particular.. Blood and Soil in Narendra Modi’s India
“Modi was a fascist in every sense...I don’t mean this as a term of abuse. It’s a diagnostic category.”
A chilling, must-read story by Dexter Filkins about how Modi is demolishing Indian democracy. The heroes are the few brave reporters who are willing to risk harassment, unemployment, and violence to expose what the Hindu nationalists are doing.
A long and challenging read, but so important because it details Modi’s ethnonationalist degradation of Indian pluralist democracy. Features the life and work of . by Dexter Filkins for
Finally, with India's economy tanking and Modi openly now pushing a Hindutva agenda, the Western media is once again beginning to look past Modi's fake image of an economic reformer to the ugly reality underneath. The narrative is changing
bleak, important overview of what's happening in india.
I sorta knew about the accusations around Modi’s role in the Gujarat riots, but this story is shocking, and it’s crazy to be reminded of how recent 2002 was
I'm late, but this is a really important read on Modi and his deepening of the communal divide in India. I had considered myself informed but I learned so much reading this piece.
Anyone that cares about India, read this piece. Its a riveting account of how we got to where we are, and how deep the rot has set. There are some incredible profiles in courage along the way, not least Rana Ayyub. But please, read this
Seems like a good time to post this chilling and fascinating profile of Indian PM Narendra Modi: It’s long, but worth reading; particularly as India edges closer to genocide...
I bet the expected value of giving to NDTV is pretty high. Have any effective altruists looked at supporting independent anti-fascist media?
I've tweeted this several times but please read it. Why are we OK with Modi's Hindu nationalism and bigotry which is threatening millions of Muslims and Christians? Why is he adulated by Western leaders? Blood and Soil in Narendra Modi’s India
An unforgettable paragraph. Meaning, I have not been able to get it out of my mind.
And Dexter Filkins, who filed this incredible dispatch from Kashmir
It’s embarrassing, and disgraceful, that so much of the U.S. media has covered him like this while certain Indian journalists risk so much to speak truthfully about Modi. The Filkins piece also details exactly what Modi’s rise has cost journalism in India.
Blood and Soil in Narendra Modi’s India ] DEXTER FILKINS
What a great (long) piece on rise of India’s populist PM Modi,his Hindu-identitarian BJP &anti-Muslim RSS-wing, via indomitable [email protected] writer . It features my man too. The “Pakistanisation” of India seems well underway
Modi is an ideologue, and there are many differences between his rise and Trump’s, but one similarity is that the people in charge have some knowledge that it is largely a grift, and have contempt for the intelligence of the people who support them.
Today, drops a #longread from Dexter Filkins on Hindu nationalism and the status of minorities in India:
A very clear and readable history of modern India and Modi's rise to power
“Modi [had a] theory [that] India was the target of a global conspiracy, in which every Muslim in the country was likely complicit. ‘Modi was a fascist in every sense,’ Nandy said. ‘I don’t mean this as a term of abuse. It’s a diagnostic category.’”
Here is why we should be desperately worried about Modi’s India | The New Yorker
Blood and Soil in Narendra Modi’s India
Blood and Soil in Narendra Modi’s India | The New Yorker
A long, deeply troubling account of what’s happening in India as Modi and the BJP consolidate their rule. Is India still a democracy?
I listened to this in full.
In general the worldwide trend toward authoritarian populism is not going well.