Elsevier recently made "transformative" deals with Carnegie Mellon and Sweden's Bibsam consortium, adding to its growing list of new agreements with #openaccess elements. But there's still no deal with UC or Germany. My piece in
" . . . the faculty resolution [at ] has led to conversations about what transformative publishing might look like for us as a community . . . I think all of us agree that the models that exist aren’t working.” — Weinraub Lajoie #OpenAccess
Elsevier Progresses in Open-Access Deal Making
"Elsevier Progresses in Open-Access Deal Making" | The Scientist Magazine®
Elsevier Progresses in #OpenAccess Deal Making
Useful summary of "where are things at with Elsevier (and OA)" ... DEAL and UC remain w/o contracts (+not negotiating?), others in negotiation, and a fair number of contracts successfully concluded w different models/components.
Notable: "SUNY has been negotiating solely for reduced pricing with Elsevier."