Ever wondered how "trans inclusive" policies became so common so quickly and with so little debate? I've written about a document that explains the success of groups lobbying for trans rights.
How trans lobbying is not like any other lobbying, by the excellent
An eye-opening read from on the tactics of trans lobbyists, which have included using LGB issues to push through gender identity legislation that would have been harder to get public support for.
“Here’s another tip from the document: ‘Tie your campaign to more popular reform.” Exactly what the did when they buried their proposal to abolish the spousal “veto” in a party conference motion about “Equal Marriage” #transwidows
Could it be the reason?👇 Top law firm out of reach of most Oppressed people but helping TRAs concludes that 'public debate' is harmful to the achievement of the objectives of Trans Activism (Cites British Gender Debate) Hence Policy Capture is the way
How to make laws to let kids legally change sex without parental approval: "Hide behind the ‘veil of protection’." "Avoid excessive press coverage and exposure." "Get ahead of the Government agenda." "Put through at the same time as more popular reforms"
The document that reveals the remarkable tactics of trans lobbyists
very troubling: blue-chip firms incl. backing a report that pushes trans groups to end-run parental consent in youth transition, & suppression of media coverage while ramming thru new laws on board with this?
How the ground shifted so quickly on trans issues: inside notes from an advocate's playbook