If you’re your own soul-mate, it’s probably because you deserve you
Haha wow society is not going well
broke: 2-person relationships (couple) joke: n-person relationships (polycule) woke: 1-person relationships (onanism) bespoke: 0-person relationships (all humans married to 𝓽 𝓱 𝓮 𝓿 𝓸 𝓲 𝓭)
"It seems the search for The One is no longer about finding the only person who can make your life what it’s supposed to be. It’s more like a quest for someone who will join you on the lifelong journey of growth."
"Among all the decadent fads of our elite, none is more vapid and self-serving than polyam--"
"This means that for many of us, self-fulfillment arrives through self-giving. A partnership based on two individuals seeking self-actualization is not necessarily an endless tug of war between two competing narcissists." Could I Be My Own Soul Mate?
Since the 1960s, American marriages have become about "expressive individualism" rather than about fulfilling physical needs, social belonging, or self-esteem according to research from , cited in a op-ed.